Medical Campaign 2018 Video!

Ever wondered what happens in a medical mission campaign? The answer is nothing short of miraculous. Over the course of 4 days, medical professionals and volunteers from the United States saw nearly 2,000 patients in general medicine, ophthalmology, and physical therapy. Additionally, countless numbers of Bible studies were undertaken by members of the church, and a large carnival like festival was held to reach out the children of the community while their families waited to receive care.

We hope this video helps you to visualize all that occurred during this wonderful week!

Our First Medical Mission Campaign!

Every March something extraordinary occurs within the city of Cusco. The Allyu Congregation is blessed to have a group of 50+ volunteers from the United States travel to hold a free health clinic in one of Cusco’s local municipalities. This year we were in Parque Cachimayo, a children’s park with enough space to have the medical campaign as well as a large carnival-like children’s campaign! The clinic focuses on providing health services to the locals that they might not otherwise receive as well as sharing the love of Christ through studies and kids’ programs.

The 2018 campaign was the largest yet! Stations were offered in General Medicine, Triage, Pharmacy, Ophthalmology, Glasses Distribution, and Physical Therapy. In addition, stations were available for personal Bible studies and children’s activities were outside during waits to see a doctor.

In total, the campaign saw 1,981 patients, conducted 360 bible studies, witnessed 5 baptisms, and provided a VBS style carnival to over 480 children in a four day period!

At the end of the week, the campaign was considered a major success with the Municipality requesting for the campaign to be held in their location for as long as we are able to!

One of our major goals is to have a campaign where the Church in the United States and the Church in Peru work together as the one family that we are! We are all one body in Christ regardless of the country of origin. To that end, we have been blessed to have many of our members here at the Allyu congregation volunteer to provide invaluable services during the campaign.

One of the most valuable areas that the Peruvian brothers and sisters assisted in was Evangelism! All Bible studies conducted during the week were by the members of Allyu. They also have a program to continue following up with these participants in the weeks following.

In addition to Bible studies, the members from Allyu also assisted medical professionals as translators. Many of our members are trilingual – being able to speak Spanish, Quechua (the ancient Incan language still spoken by many in the Cusco region), and English. They were irreplaceable in helping to assist the medical volunteers from the United States diagnose the numerous conditions that were prevalent this year.

As many of you (who have been following our blog and have talked with us) know, we are extremely enthusiastic about children’s ministry. The missionary team here in Cusco saw an opportunity in reaching whole families with children with this campaign. Last year was the first year a small children’s section was included involving only an evangelism station with children’s story books, a coloring page station, and a play dough station. This year, Mitchel, Rachel, and two teammates – Bethany and Skyler, decided to really expand this section and try to reach out to more families as well as children in the local neighborhood


The AWESOME children’s team

This year, after registering with their thumbprint on a giant balloon mural, the kids would listen to one of our Spanish speakers tell the story of Christ and how he loves them. They would then receive their punch card that would allow them to participate in numerous activities. It was a blessing to see the joy and laughter of the children while they played games such as ring toss, ducks on a pond, and play dough, as well as games that are not played in Peru such as Plinko and Kerplunk! They could also have their faces painted, write cards to children in hospitals, make a wind sock to bring home, visit our photo booth (complete with fun props), and play with campaigners while their parents waited in line to receive medical care inside.

We are so thankful to have had this opportunity to really serve as Christ’s hands and feet and feel very blessed by HIM to have such wonderful people to work alongside as we show HIS love.

For we are his workmanship, created in Jesus Christ for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them. – Ephesians 2:10

We sincerely hope to have more people from our supporting congregations next year to partner with us in the city of Cusco. If you would like more information about how you can participate next year, send us a message through email or through Facebook!

And once again, our sincerest thank you to our supporting congregations for giving us these opportunities to show God’s love and compassion here in Peru!


Mitchel and Rachel