We have another first in the books!


The next few days mark “Month 11” for us in Peru! We have brought some of our highs and lows to you as we have transitioned into a new culture. The last post was about some of the hardships of culture shock that we have been experiencing. Sometimes we have times of frustration when it comes to not being able to find some of our favorite foods, like honey roasted cashews or pumpkin spice. However, there are other times when living in another country when the sense of adventure and excitement really kick in!

One of the unique things about the cuisine in Cusco, Peru is the special occasion meal! Usually eaten on holidays, birthdays, and monumental events by the local peruvians, cuy (pronounced: coo-ee) is the same animal that many North Americans keep as pets – guinea pig!


Yesterday was a Peruvian holiday, and we feel so thankful to have made friends that are excellent cooks! When one of our friends found out that Mitchel and I have been in Peru for almost a year and haven’t tried this delicacy yet, she decided to cook it for us!

Here it is with one of our favorite dishes – Rocoto Relleno (a stuffed pepper that has been fried). We don’t know if we can really describe the taste of cuy, but the texture was similar to dark meat chicken.

We feel so grateful to have special friends that care about us and are willing to share their culture with us!

In Love,
Mitchel and Rachel Routh

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