Peru Summer Vacation Time!

It is January, which means we are in the middle of summer here in Cusco! Summer definitely doesn’t look the same here in the Andes mountains as it does in Middle Tennessee or Lower Michigan. The temperatures tend to stay around 50 degrees at night and upper 60 degrees during the day. The sun is sometimes so strong that Rachel’s skin is sunburnt after the 20 minutes it takes to walk to church! (True story… it happened today :)). But summer in the Andes also means rainy season! The rain is finally here and we are getting to see some beautiful thunderstorms and rainbows!!

Summer vacation for Peruvians lasts for about two months, and while it may be a slow time of year for the children being off from school, it provides an amazing opportunity for those of us working in the children’s ministry at the Church!

Vacaciones útiles (roughly translated to useful hoidays) is a summer program that provides opportunites for development, social skills, and fun! Parents tend to rush to sign their children up for the “right” programs as most have limited spaces and require fees. The Iglesia de Cristo has decided to offer a free program 3 days a week as an evangelism opportunity for our community!

Today was our first day was a success! Skylar, Mitchel, Rachel, and Solimar (a church member) spent the morning at the building with 28 children from the community! This morning the kids made catapults from popsicle sticks and rubber bands that slung raisins across the room, paper airplanes that bombarded Mitchel to no end, and chocolate covered pancakes to be shared by all!

Today was only our first session with vacaciones útiles! To have 28 kids was amazing, but we are praying for at least 50 from our surrounding community to come and enjoy with us! Each week we plan on adding more arts and crafts, cooking lessons, activities, and bible lessons to be shared with all the children we have attend. Please pray that we continue to grow and reach some new parents!

Mitchel and Rachel

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