Hi everyone!

We are the Routh Family (made of Mitchel and Rachel)! We are so glad you are here!

Welcome to our website; a place where we can share about our journey through this amazing gift called life! We are currently preparing ourselves to become missionaries in Cusco, Peru to work with the Church that has recently been planted there. But before we get ahead of ourselves…

We were little once!

We grew up in southern middle Tennessee, living a county apart until we got to high school. We like to think that God gave us three chances to meet each other. The first time we met was in 2005 at a church camp called Camp Neyati. We hit it off during the shaving cream/water balloon fight! However, without the ability to drive a car, it fizzled. The second time we met was at Winchester Church of Christ’s “Back to School Lock-In”in 2007. This time, Mitchel was leaving for college, and Rachel didn’t like the idea of a long distance relationship. The final time – and (we like to say) our last chance – we met at another “Back to School Lock-In” in 2009. Mitchel promptly stuck his foot in his mouth (in a hilarious way) and spent the next couple of hours trying to talk with Rachel. After 3 dates, a month of talking on the phone every night, and a lot of Mitchel convincing Rachel, we began dating!

After 3 years later on October 6, 2012, we were married in Smithville, TN!

Fun Things About Mitchel

  • I graduated from the University of Tennessee with my Masters in 2012 and worked as an Engineer for several years developing the control systems on the high voltage packs of hybrid electric cars.
  • Pecan Pie is the delicacy of angels, and pineapple is the work of the evil one.
  • I started getting into working with youth groups as a freshman in college when my adopted mother “volunteered” me to go on the Fall retreat.
  • I’ve been knocked in the ‘noggin hard three times – twice required stiches, the third a root canal/crown.
  • The first time I picked Rachel up for a date, her mother informed me I had no imagination (she’s an electrical engineer, I was a mechanical engineer) and her father showed me his rifle.
  • I have since harvested several deer with that rifle.
  • I have three sisters (one older and two younger) – all of whom I love and trust deeply.
  • I love spending time with my wife 🙂  and like doing anything outside- hunting, fishing, camping.
  • I want my legacy to be: Jesus Christ.


Fun Things About Rachel

  • I graduated from Tennessee Technological University in 2012 with a B.S. in Biochemistry.
  • My first big girl job was at an Animal Clinic.
  • I love most things crafty, chocolate chip cookies, Disney movies, puppies, flowers, and sunshine.
  • My favorite thing ever is being with my husband!
  • I enjoy teaching Sunday School to the elementary kids at church, helping my husband with the youth group, and organizing events to develop friendships outside the “classroom.”
  • I want my legacy to be:  She loved God with everything she had and greatly valued kindness.


Please continue to explore our website! If you would like to know how we began this process of becoming missionaries to Peru, please visit our “Welcome” page!  Thank you so much for stopping by!

Mitchel and Rachel Routh

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